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Cryptocurrency market is getting soo much attention after Bitcoin Prices hiked making soo much awareness and interest for new investors to get their hands into Cryptos.

In this post, i like to talk about a coin that’s that has great potential than Bitcoin, but didn’t get much attention.


What’s VERGE Currency?


Verge was founded in 2014 by Sunerok, an altcoin similar to Bitcoin but its very much undervalued at less than 1$. It has a lot of great features compared to it’s competitors like Bitcoin, Monero, PIVX, Litecoin and it’s gaining some views now.

DodgecoinDark was it’s earlier name. But the development team changes the name to Verge because it sounded like a coin used for illegal activities. Verge has a strong development team and it has survived the crypto market for a long time.

Verge total Supply is 16.5 Billion and released 9 billion during the release. Dev. team will be releasing 1 Billion Coins each year . This is done to limit specific groups buying huge amounts of verge and manipulating the market.

Verge supports multi algorithm mining, whcih means you can mine using ” Scrypt, X17, Lyra2rev2, myr-groestl and blake2s ” algorithms. This feature makes everyone to mine verge and make equal distribution of coins.


What makes VERGE stand-out from the crowd?


Privacy and Speed is the main feature of this currency. Verge Blockchain ledger is public and anyone can view the transactins that happened. But every user is completely hidden from being identified & their location is masked making them untraceable.

Verge uses TOR and i2p to make transactions anonymous. This is more like a VPN service , but you cannot trust a VPN provider because they can keep track of our page visits although they say they don’t.

Transaction speeds are ultra-fast compared to other coins. Simple Payment Verification (SPV) technology allows average transaction confirmation times to drop to ~5 seconds.



Wraith Protocol?


Wraith protocol is a feature to make your transaction Public or Private based on your interest. Verge transactions are anonymously done and it hides all user details and locations. But with Wraith protocol, you can manually switch to PUBLIC exposing your identity “code or username” or PRIVATE making you anonymous.

Now you might be asking why you need a option like this when you can make all your transactions private?

When you are making an expense for a friend in verge, and you want him to show that you really made the transaction to claim the money from him. Or you want to show the Boss you made an expense on behalf of the company and request him to reimburse. Fair Enough.?


Future of Verge?


With a strong and never giving up team, Verge is getting so many good developments in the future such as “VISP ENCRYPTED CHAT” which is a Peer to Peer Chat system, “ATOMIC CROSS CHAIN TRADING” which allows for interoperability between Verge and all other cryptocurrencies in circulation with Atomic swap capabilities enabled, “ROOTSTOCK” which is a two-way pegged sidechain that grafts smart contract functionality onto the Verge network etc.

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