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Tron is a Blockchain based Digital Entertainment Protocol that aims to give users a free way to publish their apps, manage and distribute content throughout the Tron network. It’s symbol is TRX.

Tron was a ERC-20 token when it was released on August 28th 2017. Which means it was deployed on Ethereum blockchain before it Released Tron Mainnet.

Tron became a seperate Blockchain getting out from Ethereum Blockchain on 31st May 2018. Since then it’s been trying its best to get close to Ethereum which is currently 2nd Largest Market Capital Crypto.


Why Tron is Better than Other Protocols?


Tron Competitors are Ethereum, EOS, NEO, Cardano and many more.Currently Ethereum is the second largest crypto is established on 30st June 2015.

EOS on other hand came out from Ethereum just like how Tron did. This happened in early 2018, before tron. Both of them are similar in what they do. They work based on Blockchain, users can run Dapps on this protocol, its backed by great developers etc.

Tron has a capacity of handling 2000 Transactions per Second, where Ethereum can only support 25. At the time of writing this blog, there were 441,000 active users with Tron accounts. It will grow more in upcoming days.



Team Behind Tron


Justin Sun, 28 Year old Chinese Guy who was a Chief Representative for RIPPLE in China is the founder of Tron Protocol. He is also the founder of Snapchat like application called “Peiwo” in China.

The team of close to 100 members are actively developing the protocol to become the largest ecosystem, surpassing Ethereum.


Partnerships with Other Companies



Recent acquisition by Tron is Bittorrent which is the largest Filesharing platform, bought for 120 Million in cash.

They already intergrated many applications into Tron protoccol such as Justin Sun’s Own Company “Peiwo” .

Partnered with “Obike” bicycle renting application, with “” releasing “” game, with “Gifto” a virtual gifting dapp.

An app running on a Decentralised Blockchain is called Dapp.

There are currently 10 Dpps running on Tron. Soon there will be more joining as the high transaction speeds and Extremely Low Fees are fundamendals for startups companies.




How to Buy Tron. Simple Steps.


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1. Register and Login to Binance.

After Registering, Visit To Funds Section and Click Balance. It will be showing Zero balance as you didn’t deposit any.


 2. Deposit Bitcoin Or Ethereum

You Need Bitcoin or Ether before converting them to Tron. Because you can’t buy Tron directly from any website.

There are sites you can buy Bitcoin for Debit or Credit card. One is CEX-IO.


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3. Deposit the Money you bought from CEX-IO to Binance.

After buying Bitcoin from CEX-io, widthdraw the Bitcoin to Binance wallet.

      a) Find Bitcoin address in Binance Exchange. And Click Deposit.


b) Copy the Bitcoin Address From Binance


c) Now From CEX-IO, click widthdraw.


d) Enter BTC address you copied in Binance and paste it here.


Enter the amount you want to send and click widthdraw. Your Funds will be sent to Binance Wallet. Don’t worry it will take some time for Bitcoin to process transactions.


4. Go to Exchange Platform in Binance and Choose TRX/BTC. 

Now you received your bitcoins to Binance. Now it’s time to Trade.

a) In Binance site, Choose BTC/TRX. Like Below Image.



b) Enter the Amount of TRX in the Buy Box. Like below Image.


Thats all. You Just Bought TRON. 

Go to Balance Page and you can find your TRON there. Like below Image.


Best time to Buy TRON is NOW.

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