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What’s Ripple?

RippleNet is a Enterprise Blockchain solution for Global payments. Basically it allows People to send money through the ripple network from one bank to another Globally, Securely within seconds. XRP or Ripple is an asset used in the Ripple Network. This blog is all about Step by Step guide about how to buy ripple or XRP using visa or Master debit and credit card.


How to Buy and Store Ripple Safely?

You need a Wallet Before You buy Ripple. Gatehub and Exodus are two wellknown wallets.


Visit Exodus Site here to Download Wallet.

Exodus Supports more than 80 Cryptocurrency and Tokens. See My blog about how to Open Exodus Wallet.


Visit Gatehub Site Here.

Create an account and Click Connect A Gateway.



Select XRP and Confirm. And you are good to go.

Gatehub asks to Confirm your Identity which no Other crypto currency Wallet asks for. Just don’t worry. Ripple is a Centralized Blockchain. So, the network needs personal identity to get started.


Now You have a Wallet. Let’s Buy Ripple


Method 1 – Changelly


Step 1.

Click here to register at Changelly.

Step 2.

Changelly is a Site Where you buy Cryptos using Debit/Credit Card. After signing up with changelly, follow these steps to buy Ripple.

Enter the USD you want to exchange for Ripple. Just like below image. And click Exchange.



Step 3. Enter Ripple Address you copied from Gatehub.

Just Enter the gatehub XRP address. Below that you will see a destination tag. Just ignore that. Or click remove destination tag. And click Next.



Step 4. Pay through your Debit/Credit Card

You will be taken to payment options to enter your card details. Within Few minutes, you could see the purchased ripples in your gatehub wallet.

This is the Simple method to buy with your money in the bank.


Method 2 – Buy Through Bitcoin Exchange


There is also another method to buy through Bitcoin exchanges like Binance.


Step1. Register in Binance

Click here to Register in Binance Exchange For Free.

Binance is a Very Easy to use and Trusted Exchange to Buy Ripple. They have facility to exchange Bitcoin or Ethereum into Ripple.

Once you register, the website will show you so many graphs and numbers which will confuse many of you if you are new to Trading. Just don’t worry. It’s easy if you know what you are doing.

Step2. Deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum



Go to Funds and Click Deposit and Withdrawals. There you can see all your wallet details.

Search for Bitcoin and Click Deposit. From your personal Wallet, send the bitcoins to this address.

If you don’t have any Bitcoins, Click here to read how to Buy bitcoins using Visa or Master Card.

Step3. Go to Exchange Platform



Hover Exchange and Click Basic for easy Trading.

Step 4. Choose How to buy. With Bitcoin or Ethereum.



And below in the search box, type XRP which is Ripple. Click the XRP/BTC.

Step 5. Its time to buy Ripple.

how to buy ripple – step by step guide


Enter How many Ripple / XRP you want to buy. And click Buy XRP. That’s it. You bought it.


Step 7. Send the Ripples bought to your Gatehub OR Exodus Wallet.

Copy the Gatehub Ripple Address …………….

And paste it into Binance Withdrawal Address Bar. Enter the Ripple you want to send and click send. Wait for sometime, your Ripple will be deposited to your Gatehub.


Buying Ripple is Simple.


It’s very simple to buy when you know what you are doing. When you are withdrawing funds from Binance, you have to send Minimum 50 Ripples to your Gatehub Wallet.

Ripple is in the top 3 Cryptocurrency next To Bitcoin and Ethereum with a Market Capitalization of $ 137,032,751,850 at the time of this blog post. And it is expected to become the currency of banks by 2020.

Buy and Hold Riple in your wallet now. When you come back and see after a few months, the value will be double or maybe Triple.

Please write your Gatehub Wallet Recovery passphrase. If you loose it, you won’t be able to recover your funds.


Happy Ripple/XRP Journey.
If there anything else to know, please leave a comment below.