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It’s been a nightmare for so many years that you couldn’t use Bitcoins to Buy items through online shopping. and now it has become possible to use Bitcoins on Top Online Websites like


Yess… Crypto startup called Moon Technologies has come with an Extention to use with Chrome, Safari and Brave browser. Just by adding the extention and linking it with Coinbase will easily get you through to buy stuffs in just a few clicks. Its Fast, Reliable and Safe.


Coinbase is one of the popular crypto Exchange and Wallet for soo long. You could Buy, Sell and Store Bitcoins, Ether, Litecoin and XRP here.


You need a coinbase account to simply connect your coinbase and start purchasing. In real time, it shows you how much you are paying interms of Bitcoins for the item you are loking for. It uses the Lightning Network, which is the Layer2 payment solution for Bitcoin to transfer funds in real time with very low fees. I have shown step by step guide to Start your long waited digital assets to use in Real world.



What You Need to get Started ?


1. Coinbase Account – Don’t worry. Easy to Set Up.

2. Amazon account.

3. Chrome, Safari or Brave Browser.

4. And Some Bitcoins !! – You can Buy Bitcoins using Credit Card here.


 NOTE – If you are in US or Europe, you can straight away buy in coinbase using credit cards. But Coinbase is not supported in many countries. So the best way to buy is to Purchase Bitcoins through CEX from below link and transfer them to Coinbase.


Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO




Let’s See How to Setup and Go.



Step 1… Search for Moon plugin and Install.


buy from amazon using bitcoins

buy from amazon using bitcoins




Step 2… Click the Extention and start Signup


use bitcoins to buy in amazon

use bitcoins to buy in amazon




Step 3… Connect Coinbase Account


link coinbase with moon

link coinbase with moon




Step 4…  Signup With Coinbase.


If you dont have an account, Click here to register with Coinbase.


register with coinbase

register with coinbase


It will Automatically Create an API Key for your Moon Plugin. If it doesn’t, don’t worry. When you go to buy items from amazon, it will ask you to create a API key. I’ll Show you how…



Step 5… All setup and Ready to go.


coinbase connected successfully

coinbase connected successfully




Step 6… Now you Can Buy Things From Amazon. 


Go to and find an item to buy.


There will be a Button showing ” Pay with Moon” bellow the price. If you click it, a Moon Popup will come like the below image.



buy from amazon using bitcoin

buy from amazon


And on the side, it shows how much you need to pay for that item interms of Bitcoin.




Step 7… Creating API key if You forgot to create one before.


Yess !! As i told before, if you created a coinbase account but forgot to create api key it shows like ” No Wallets Available “


So click “Connect One Now” to create one.



That’s All. You are good to Go. Sometimes Coinbase takes 48 Hours to Register Your new account and create API keys.


You can Create a Coinbase Account Without hassle here.


Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO