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Buy bitcoins in india using visa and master card

India & Cryptocurrency

India, one of the largest Economy with a great population, is not too far from getting into the use of Crypto currencies within the next few years. But Indian government and authorities are trying to regulate the exchanges looking for possibilities for money laundering.

Bitcoin or any other crypto currency is not illegal in India. So you can buy bitcoin ethereum and ripple in India without any risk. Although the government tries to see through the transaction, it’s not possible to trace because their transactions are anonymous. Ripple is on the other hand is a crypto currency created to be used by Banks.

And the cryptos you hold cannot be hacked if you keep it in a secured wallet like EXODUS. And stop talking about the cryptos you have in your wallet. You are in a risk of getting hacked if you do so.

Seriously don’t say your Cryptocurrency details to ANYONE.


Exchanges you can buy Cryptos from India

Below exchanges are 100% Trusted and Secured. They accept Visa and Master Cards issued by most of the banks. I’m from Sri Lanka and I personally use them to buy Bitcoin and Ripple.

Trust me, It’s now to buy cryptos or you will Loose the Ship to the Moon.



Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO


This exchange is very user friendly and has lower fees than others. It will hold your purchased funds without the need for an wallet. This is my personal Recommendation. They accept almost all Visa and Master Debit and Credit cards. And if you are buying bulk bitcoins, you can make a bank transfer as well. 100% Safe and Recommended.

Click here to register for free & start Buying with Your Credit or Debit card.

Read my blog on Step by Step Guide to Buy from this website.


2. Changelly


Changelly is very user friendly but has high fees than CEX-IO. And you need to have a wallet before getting started. Because once you pay , they won’t store your cryptos, instead they will transfer it to your wallet as soon as your money gets paid.

Click here to Register for Free.

Read my blog on Step by Step Guide to Buy from this website.


Why these Exchanges?

There are some few websites other than these. But they only accept cards from listed countries like USA, Canada and few european countries. You can’t use a VPN to buy because you need to create account with your ID which states your birth country. So, at last it won’t allow you to buy bitcoins. Above sites lets you buy without any country problem.

I have written seperate blogs on Each of the above exchanges with Step by Step Guides.