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Changelly – Pay with VISA & Master Cards

Changelly is a trusted and reliable website to buy bitcoins and other cryptos using your Visa & Master Debit card or Credit card. Below I will guide you step by step to buy bitcoins on changelly.

buy bitcoins on changelly




Lets get Started.


Step 1. Need a Wallet

Click here to Download Exodus Wallet and use it to receive bitcoins you buy in changelly. Exodus is a user friendly and secure wallet for Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin etc.

Download the latest version and install. Then inside bitcoin wallet, click Receive. You can see bitcoin address. Copy it & Keep it for now. And in the next Step you need to enter on changelly site.


Step 2. Enter the Amount



In the “YOU HAVE” field, change the currency to USD and enter the amount you want to spend.

And on the right in the “YOU GET” field, enter the crypto currency you want to get. In this case, Bitcoin.

You can buy Ethereum using this same method as well. Exodus wallet supports Ethereum also.

Click “Exchange” and in the next page you will see all details such as Fees and Exchange Rates. Click Next again.


Step 3. Copy BTC Address from Exodus Wallet


Enter it in Changelly like below.


Click on Receive Button & copy the Bitcoin address from the exodus Wallet and past it on changelly site. Make sure you copy the entire address and paste it. In common, Bitcoin address has 34 digits with letters and numbers mixed. Enter and Click Next.

Next page you will see purchase details. Once everything is confirmed, click “confirm” and make payment.


Step 5. Making the payment


You will be redirected to the payment page where you will be asked to enter Card details. It’s completely safe. Nothing to worry.

After entering all details, it redirects back to changelly. Wait for the payment confirmation.

Once your payment is accepted, they will start the exchange process. And hopefully within half an Hour , your bitcoins will be deposited to your wallet. It may take more time depending on the traffic.

You can buy not only Bitcoins, but also Ethereum, Dash, Verge and few more. It’s 100% Safe and Easy.

Before I write any review, I personally try everything. I have done this exchange and it worked for me. It definitely works for you as well. Bitcoin Transactions are experiencing a delay due to high amount of exchanges after the price hike.

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That’s all. Happy Crypto journey.
If there is anything, leave a comment below. Happy to help at any time.