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How many of you guys have experience in getting loans from local banks ? It’s so frustrating isn’t it. legal Pressure, Documentation, asset requirement and deadly interest rates. Sometimes the time you receive the loan, the oppourtunity might have gone.


Don’t worry. The Wait is over. You can get instant loans for your crypto assets and spend it daily using your Master or Visa card.




Yes, NEXO introduced crypto backed loans to everyone who’s got Bitcoin,Ether, Stable-coins or even for USD and EURO. Maybe if you are student with cryptos who is willing to do a foreign Degree or a trader with an idea of starting up a own business, you can deposit your cryptos in next bank and withdraw loans based on your crypto value.


So you might ask, why not use your crypto for your need. Why deposit here and get a loan??

1. Assets you show to the bank for the loan , some of their values depreciate over time. Cryptos won’t. They appreciate . So you can spend your loans while your cryptos are kept safe.

2. Instant loans. Deposit funds and you will be eligible to get your loan within that day. Usually banks take more than 2 weeks to process loans.

3. NEXO pays you 8% interest on per annum on USD,GBP,EURO and stablecoin deposits. I don’t think banks pay that high rates for your deposits.



Let’s say you are planning to do a Degree and you don’t want to convert your Bitcoins because you know Bitcoin will double in the upcoming months. So what to do? You ask for a loan by keeping your crypto assets as security. You will get to do your degree and pay your loans back with interest. And at the same time, your crypto is secured inside nexo wallet. When you repay the amount, you can take your cryptos back and enjoy.


Nexo is the only Insured company that let’s you borrow instantly in more than 45 fiat currencies. Partnered with Bitgo to protect your wallets and all your funds are insured.They have processed loans to more than 200,000 NEXO users until now.

NEXO has their own tokens issued on ethereum platform. It is trading at 0.11$ as at 03 July 2019. Most probably the price of NEXO will double within end of 2019. You can buy bitcoin and convert into Nexo tokens.