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What’s Cloud Storage ?

Whenever you want to keep any file stored , you usually save it in our Laptop or mobile device to access it everytime. But what cloud storage means is, you save your files such as a document, photo, video, or a music in a Centralised Storage hard disk called Servers, which are way bigger than the hard drives you use everyday. These servers are directly connected to the world wide web, which makes you easily access your files from anywhere in the world.

Common Cloud Storage providers are GOOGLE DRIVE, AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS), DROPBOX, ONEDRIVE ( by microsoft), etc.


So What’s Decentralised Cloud Storage ?

The name itself defines the meaning. The storage space you use from Google and Amazon are their own servers from large server farms which they rent it at a price they ask for. And they have complete access to your data and they see though your informations although they promise they won’t. This is a risk of your privacy and overall security.

So came the decentralised storage solution. It’s Safe , Private, and Faster than most cloud services. The blockchain plays a major role in decentralising informations.


So How this system works?


You know what’s a blockchain, right? It’s a distributed ledger within the computers connected where the copy of each information is sent throughout the Blockchain so there can be no fraud or loss of information.

You information that you upload here is shredded, encrypted and sent throughout the network of computers called Nodes that runs in the blockchain. So the files you upload here are in the blockchain, which let’s you access it from anywhere. And Files are repeatedly verified and encrypted to protect data integrity.

You can ask “So if my files are seen by everyone, isn’t that a privacy threat?”


Is it safe to Store in Decentralized Blockchain Cloud?


Ofcourse not. You information is decentralised, but not visible to any others. It is spreaded through the blockchain which runs the “invisible server”, but only you have the key access to view your files. Everything you do to your files (modify or delete) is recorded thoughout the blockchain. So no one from anywhere can steal or modify your content. ( Unless You give your Login key to someone else )

Decentralised Storages started to emerge after the development of Blockchain Technology. You should have heard about Bitcoin, the first decentralised cryptocurrency. It is a peer to peer payment method via the blockchain.



Popular Decentralised Cloud Storages



How does this Decentralised Storage Runs ?

There are soo much of hard drive spaces left unused. This system lets you rent storage spaces to others. For example, if you have space in your laptop , which you don’t use very often, you can register your computer hard drive in the Network ( Which I will write a seperate Post on getting Started). And You can choose the price you want to rent.

So when someone uses your space to store files, you get a reward which is given in their network token. If you rent your space in Sia Storage, you will get Sia coins in return.

You and everyone who gets into this network are the people who runs this network. that’s Why it’s called Decentralised. So more the people, faster the network.


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